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Cake Info

Placing an Order: 

To place an order please email me.

Please provide the following information in your email so I can create a customized quote based on your needs

1 - The date of the party

2 - Your name 

3 - Your phone number

4 - The number of servings

5 - Any flavor ideas - click here to view the cake menu

6 - Any allergies to be aware of *

7 - Check out galleries for Custom Cakes, Cupcakes, Simply Delicious and Sculpted Cakes for design ideas or feel free to share any design inspiration pictures you already have. ** 

* My kitchen is NOT nut free. I take extreme precautions, but there is always a chance of cross contamination. 

**Please note that while I can use images as inspiration, I try to put my own spin on the creations so they likely won't be exact replicas of what is shared. 



(minimum order of ½ dozen) 


$2.00/each – simple buttercream swirl

$2.50/each – buttercream swirl with printed topper / candy 

$3.00-$6.00/each – fondant topper 


Add $.50 each for cupcake filler


Simply Delicious

These are cakes that taste great but aren’t overly decorated. 


Basically Delicious Starting Prices: 

Prices start at $4.00/per serving, but may increase if decorations are added.

$40.00 = 8-10 servings (6″ diameter)
$70.00 = 18-20 servings (8″ diameter)


Custom Cakes

These cakes have customizable design elements to match a party theme, colors, etc. They have specialty add-ons such as: piñata (candy filled), chocolate ganache drips, fondant characters***, etc. 


Custom Cakes Starting Price
Prices start at $5.00/per serving but may increase according to complexity. 

$55.00 – 8-10 servings (6” diameter) 
$100.00 - 18-20 servings (8″ diameter)
$150.00 – 30 servings (two tier, 6 and 8 inch)  


***Fondant characters are $10.00-$20.00/each depending on complexity. Characters might be “inspired by” but cannot be guaranteed to be exact replicas


Sculpted Cakes

Sculpted cakes are cakes that don’t look like cakes but look like other items, such as shoes, loveys, purses, etc.  These are all made of cake (and sometimes Rice Krispies!). 

Sculpted Cakes Starting Price

Prices start at $7.00/per serving, but may increase according to complexity. 

When requesting a sculpted cake, keep in mind that in order to sculpt an object out of cake it needs to be of adequate size so proportions might have to be adapted slightly. This will ensure that the cake not only tastes good but looks great too.

If you already have an idea in mind, I will be more than happy to work with you to create a design within your budget/serving requirements. Many designs can be customized to be more or less detailed based on your individual requirements.

Policies for Cake Orders:

1. ALL payments for orders are NONREFUNDABLE.

Once you place your order, I begin making multiple investments to ensure that your cake will be completed on time, including turning down other potential orders, spending a great deal of time properly planning the execution of your design, and purchasing necessary tools and supplies. If it should be necessary for you to cancel your order, I will be happy to apply your deposit to a future order, but I cannot give cash refunds on any custom orders.
2 . I cannot guarantee availability for your date until your 50% deposit is paid.

This deposit guarantees that I will be available to make your cake on your selected date. 
Deposits go toward the final purchase price of your cake and do not represent any additional cost.
Cake design does not need to be finalized at the time your deposit is paid.  We can work out the remaining details after the deposit is paid as long as all details are finalized no later than one week prior to your event date.

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