My name is Tanya and this picture basically is me in a nutshell. Messy hair, goofy grin and a new cake project I've been obsessing over in front of me. I am from Texas, but have lived in New York for 10 years now. I currently live in Hastings on Hudson with my handsome hubs and two pretty cute kids. 

I started baking when I was a kid, but my interest in making custom creations began in 2014 when I started making cakes with my best friend for our kids' birthday parties. It is always a chance for us to push ourselves, take risks, try new techniques, and most importantly, learn from our mistakes. Since then I've expanded to creating custom cakes for friends and neighbors to help celebrate their own exciting occasions. 

I have a growing repertoire of cakes, but I'm always open to, and excited about, making something completely unique and new for your next special event. Shoot me a message or give me a call, and we'll get started on creating your next special memory. 

**Special note that any picture you see that looks professional and amazing was taken by Tiffany Arment. She's a genius. Any other picture you see that is slightly blurry, not well lit and with lots of stuff in the background is definitely one I took. We can't all be good at everything.**

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